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Soaring in PGH!!

Hello All! Hope you are doing well! Recently there was some renewed interest in TFC members for soaring and lucky for us, there is an active club just outside the city that engages in soaring! Pittsburgh Soaring Association, located in the Best Little Gliderport in Western PA, offers primary flight instruction for beginners as well as more advanced instruction for competitive soaring pilots. So, what is soaring? The Soaring Society of America says this:

"Most gliders typically do not have a propellor and are launched by an aerotow, that is they are pulled by a rope up to about 2,000′ by another power-driven aircraft. Once airborne, a glider or sailplane uses only atmospheric uplift (rising air) to gain height and can usually fly faster than the wind. Soaring is the art of developing skills and knowledge as a pilot to use this rising air for flight."

Soaring season is from April to October yearly. You can find more info on the website:

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