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How do I join?

By clicking this link!

Who is eligible for a membership?

Membership is open to everyone subject to filling the appropriate registration forms. Categories of membership are student, staff, faculty, alumni, and affiliate. Each category can have active or inactive status. Active members are those who have attended at least one executive or General Body meeting in the past four months, excluding the meetings on the present day, and have helped in the organization of at least one club event or program.

How often does The Flying Club meet?

Each year, there are four General Body meetings, held in late February, early May, early September, and early December. Only non-affiliate active members are allowed to vote. Current executive members, including affiliate members, can only participate in anonymous votes.

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

The meeting details will be posted in the forum around 14 days before the meeting with a reminder within 48 hours and not less than 24 hours before the meeting.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

  • Yes, but becoming a member is so easy!

Are there any membership dues?

Not for the first year of the club. The club will decide on membership dues in subsequent meetings.

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