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The Flying Club is a platform to promote flying and aviation at Carnegie Mellon University and the Greater Pittsburgh area. It is intended to be a space at Carnegie Mellon University where those interested in flying and aviation can congregate, share experiences, promote flying, and help others reach their goals in aviation and flying.

The purpose of the organization includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Promote aviation at Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh area.

  2. Provide resources for all types of current and prospective pilots and those interested in other aviation-related roles.

  3. Promote diversity within the aviation community at Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburgh area.

  4. Reduce the costs of getting new pilot and aviation-related licenses and ratings.

  5. Provide resources to current and potential aircraft and UAV mechanics and designers.

  6. Make connections with the local and global aviation community.

  7. Provide a forum to share experiences and information.

  8. Create a community that allows heightened interaction between all members.

  9. Encourage members to pursue aviation-related careers and facilitate connecting with the industry.

  10. Contribute to the aviation community and industry by creating and supporting new technology and research.

  11. Highlight ongoing aviation-related research at Carnegie Mellon University.

  12. Support aviation-related research at Carnegie Mellon University (e.g., helping with collecting data).

  13. Provide aviation-related services to the Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh community (e.g., drone filming, providing pilots).

  14. Advocating aviation and flying at University, local, state, national, and international levels.

  15. Pushing Carnegie Mellon University to provide aviation and flying resources, including creating new courses, a new department, facilitating taking classes at local aviation colleges, purchasing devices and aircraft, and building facilities.

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